Career Path

There are many kinds of work underway here at Expium. But broadly speaking, our primary work is to provide deep Atlassian-related expertise to our customers. We can offer motivated, smart, team members a path to flexible training and consulting work that fits your schedule and goals.

An entry-level Atlassian expert might join the company having used one of Atlassian's tools, and with beginning project management experience. Over time, this expert would learn that tool in great depth, then eventually several others. Project management skills will also grow, through outside professional experiences and study, to better understand our customers' project management systems and to effectively support those customers using the Atlassian toolset.

If you already have years of project management experience, we would be glad to put you on the fast track to applying Atlassian products to your existing expertise.

With knowledge and experience, an Expium Atlassian Expert can become an instructor for the classes we teach for customers all over the world. With even more knowledge and expertise, they can become primary solution designers for our higher-profile customer projects.